Operation Freedom Bird
Helping Vets Heal Since 1988

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Operation Freedom Bird provides a unique healing journey to Arizona's combat Veterans of all wars, giving them an opportunity to confront their feelings, share their experiences, and pay tribute to their fallen comrades-in-arms in a supportive environment of fellow Veterans and concerned counselors.

Founded by America West Captain Pat Lynch a decorated Vietnam Veteran, and named after the Freedom Bird flights that transported soldiers back to the United States after their tour of duty in a war zone. Pat's original vision was to reach out to fellow Nam Veterans and visit the Wall on Veterans Day. Through sharing the experiences and confronting their feelings, these warriors can pay tribute to their fallen comrades and seek closure to their own emotional war wounds.

Each year, since 1988, approximately 50 Veterans have been selected to participate in a four-day Healing Journey on Veterans Day and visit the War Memorials in Washington D.C. Participants are selected by Vet Center counselors throughout Arizona who also accompany the Veterans on their journey. In addition to several visits to the National Mall, location of the war memorials, the program itinerary includes a trip to Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and the 9-11 Memorial located at the Pentagon.

Operation Freedom Bird underwrites all meals, lodging, and ground transportation expenses for the veterans and counselors. Southwest Airlines has generously provided air transportation since 1999.

As citizens, Operation Freedom Bird provides us a way to recognize the service of these Veterans by thanking them, acknowledging them for their service and personal sacrifice, and finally, welcoming them home. They have given their all for us, and all we ask is that you thank them with your support

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