Operation Freedom Bird

Operation Freedom Bird, is a non-profit, therapeutic program aimed at helping combat veterans, from all wars, continue the process to heal from their symptoms of PTSD and unresolved grief/loss. 

A Matter of Trust...

Working in an Arizona-based veteran service organization, the people at Operation Freedom Bird have the opportunity to interact with many other similar organizations across the state. But very recently, Pat Lynch, the founder of Operation Freedom Bird, had the kind of encounter with the people at another veteran’s service organization that doesn’t happen every day.

Pat Lynch was at the Phoenix VA hospital, and as it turns out, he had an appointment he didn’t know about; with the AZASAA.

That sounds a little intimidating, right? But the AZASAA is a veteran’s organization based here in Arizona. AZASAA stands for Arizona Army Security Agency Association; and you can find out more about them HERE. (Website opens in new link.)

Mr. Randall Schriver, Board Member of the Arizona Army Security Agency Association, was volunteering at the Phoenix VA hospital in another capacity; and he took the time from those duties to present Pat Lynch with a donation to Operation Freedom Bird for $1,000. But what makes this so remarkable is that the membership of the Arizona Army Security Agency Association had reached out to Operation Freedom Bird to make the donation.

From Mr. Schriver, Board Member of the AZASAA:

“Our committee researched a number of veteran’s organizations and decided that Operation Freedom Bird was a well deserving organization.”

And out of all the veterans’ organizations the membership of the Arizona Army Security Agency Association looked at, they chose to donate to Operation Freedom Bird. We want not only to thank the AZASAA, but to let them know just how much their trust means to us; because their donation goes far beyond money. With the time, effort, and yes, the money the AZASAA put into their donation, the Arizona Army Security Agency Association placed their trust in our organization; trust that we would keep the faith with the veterans that go on the Operation Freedom Bird Healing Journey.

During military service, and in the time after, that kind of trust is not given, nor is it taken, lightly. There are times that service members trust each other with their lives, and from that trust, very deep bonds are forged. In the time after active military service, military veterans remember, recognize and honor the depths and obligations of those bonds of trust from active duty.

And so, the trust of fellow veterans like the membership of the Arizona Army Security Agency Association is a great honor; and it is especially humbling to the people at Operation Freedom Bird that have been found worthy of this kind of trust. Everyone involved with Operation Freedom Bird is either a veteran or deeply involved in the military family and culture; and in the work we do with the organization, we strive to be worthy of the confidence placed in us.

From Mr. Schriver:

“We feel that Operation Freedom Bird performs a great service and that we were glad that we could make the donation.”

We at Operation Freedom Bird believe that it is Mr. Schriver and the other members of the Arizona Army Security Agency Association that by their actions have also performed a great service; and we at Operation Freedom Bird want to thank everyone at the AZASAA for their donation.

And we also want to thank everyone that reads this; we appreciate you stopping by our website. Please take a look around, see what we do, and learn about the Operation Freedom Bird Healing Journey. Then if you would, please follow the link and take a look at the WEBSITE (Link opens in new window) of the Arizona Army Security Agency Association. Their membership has served in a lot of places doing our country’s business over the years; and they are still serving, right here in Arizona.

And please keep this in mind:

77 days until wheels-up for Operation Freedom Bird 2015.