Operation Freedom Bird

Operation Freedom Bird, is a non-profit, therapeutic program aimed at helping combat veterans, from all wars, continue the process to heal from their symptoms of PTSD and unresolved grief/loss. 

Operation Freedom Bird Healing Journey 2016 - Welcome Home!

Operation Freedom Bird Healing Journey 2016 - Welcome Home!

Amy M

I wanted to say thank you for all of this, and choosing me to go regardless of the fact that I hadn't seen a counselor.  This trip was more than I expected and literally means more than what I had called life. 

Thank you. 

Gus R

First, I want to thank you with all my heart for what you and this trip did for me. i don't know exactly what happened at the wall but i feel like a tremendous weight was lifted off of me. I am on a diet and working to get in shape and the feeling is like a rebirth. I look back at all the years I felt so guilty and ashamed and how I took such stupid risks and i think now that maybe it was my way of trying to die. now I truly want to live. I have memories of Vietnam that I can work on but the door is open now. again thank you

David C

I would like to thank you, the staff and the Freedom Bird Foundation for taking us all on the Journey of Healing.

Last night as I sat alone in my office I thought of what you had said about talking with our family as a way to help us cope with our problems.  As I sat here and for some strange reason I picked up my clipboard and I drew what I had seen while in Vietnam.  After doing so, I went to the living room and I told me wife that I wanted to talk with her as I wanted her to know what has tormented me for 50 years.  I showed her the drawing but as I did I wept.  She stood up and hugged me saying she had never wanted to ask what had happened but knew something was wrong and now she understood.


Dale C

Annette, Again many thanks to you and others that made it possible for me to make the trip. I am still decompressing but trust me I am positive those demons on my back are finally gone. I didn’t realize it until I stepped out the motor home door the next morning. Suddenly I realized every thing around me looked so bright and I felt so light ( no pun intended ). Wow, wow, wow. Yes, I broke down and let it pour out of me better than I had ever done. After being alone I talked to Marlene for a very long time sharing with her as well as one son later. Both are supporting me and am sure my other son will do the same.

Bob and I are talking every morning after the men’s coffee to check on each other.

Yes, you are aware that I have been suicidal ever since 1968. Please read the message (to the right). This is one of the main reasons that I hope I will never follow through with what the devil wants me to do.

Love in friendship,

From friend of Dale's

Hi Dale, I hope your home safe and getting rested up from your night trip.

I'll bet it was an amazing experience.

What a blessing to do this for your friend Bob.

He's a lucky man having a friend like you.

God bless you Dale and know I'll never forget your service to our country and to all Veterans who know you.

You have made a difference in so many lives including my own. know that you are loved, respected and admired.

Love forever Dale....Tom

Wanted to pass along to you the gratefulness of attending OFB with you and the staff this year.
It was a life changing experience for me.
You explained and taught me how to open my heart and to heal.
Its hard to describe because I’m still trying to figure out the process.
Since returning home I’m slowing seeing ways to do it.
My TBI makes it difficult to remember all the things you taught but I keep seeing ways.
My relationship with my wife is better now since 2006 and hopefully it will stay on that course.

The appreciation for us veterans every where was unforgettable, especially the Vietnam ones.
I expressed to you that my father is a Vietnam multi-able tour combat veteran.
He lives in New Mexico and just wish he could of attended OFB.
I’ve shared with him some of the the skills you taught us.

Thank you again for all that you do for us veterans!
Bless you with all the strength and health you need.
Your son Adam is very proud of all the service and dedication you devote to who is in need.

Thanks again an unbelievable experience and thanks again to all the volunteers I will never forget you. Eric D